Horses – Improving health

Horses improve greatly when consuming Diatomaceous Earth.

The high silica content gives a beautiful shining coat, strengthens hooves and stamina.

Race horse owners are finding that when adding Diatomaceous Earth to their feed each day that they are getting much better health and performance.

Given for 30 days DE is a natural way to remove parasites and worms, along with giving many trace minerals this will help horses get the best health and performance.

Review on dusting birds

The finer grade dust/powder is far more effective in treating red mite than the pet grade. Two reasons:

  1. When treating the birds the pet grade falls off their feathers easily, in clumps, whereas the finer grade holds and gets into hard to reach places such as under the wings, nail and claw, around the eyes and appears tp be less stressful to the birds as well. A lot of them actually enjoy it …
  2. The finer grade is easier to distribute in pens and nesting boxes, because can use easily with the puffer, whereas the heavier powder cannot be used with the puffer [even with the nozzle removed] and just plonks out in clumps.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – natural health supplement